Why Buy From Legacy

We want every customer to get the Legacy Experience.  

The Legacy Experience is very simple:  We want the customer to be treated the same way the we want to be treated.  Anything else is unacceptable.  No matter if you're buying a vehicle, getting an oil change, or simply asking a question we are going to give you the best treatment you can get.  The customer is everything to us!  Here are a few more reasons why the Legacy Experience is all the difference.  

Legacy Makes All Pre-Owned Vehicles We Sell "Road Ready"
We take the time to check each vehicle from bumper to bumper to help ensure the vehicles our customers buy are the absolute best they can be. If it doesn't meet our standards, we don't sell it to the public. If we find an issue with a vehicle, we will not sell it.  In addition, if tires or brakes are too worn we replace them.  The oil is changed, all fluid levels are checked, and each vehicle we sell gets a full detail.  Simply put, we want our customers to purchase the best vehicle they can buy when they buy from us!

We Price All Our Vehicles According To Fair Market Value
(Fair market value is the price a vehicle is selling for in a particular area or location.)  We want everyone to get a great deal.  This starts by being upfront and honest about our pricing.  We offer the best pre-owned vehicles customers can purchase at competitive prices.  Often times, we are cheaper than our competition. 

We Are Open and Transparent
We practice transparency in how we do business.  We owe it to our customers to treat them with the respect they deserve; this means we are open with every aspect of how we operate.  If a customer has questions or concerns, we encourage them to ask or let us know.  We want all our customers to feel appreciated and be educated! 

Fair Trade-in Process
To determine the value of a trade-in, we don't consider how much we'd like to make when we resell it.  Rather, we use a sophisticated reporting system that integrates hundreds of retailers like Edmunds, Autotrader, and dealership networks.  From this system, we learn the local market value, a number that fluctuates based on actual selling prices of similar vehicles.  We use this system to respect the customer and to ensure fairness. 

Fair Market Value Pricing Policy  
We use an auto-reporting system that is connected to hundreds of retailers such as KBB, Autotrader, Cars.com, and Edmunds, along with thousands of dealer networks that span the entire country.  This system analyzes the market and determines what a specific vehicle should be priced at locally.  We then price the vehicle at, or below, this number to ensure that we have the lowest and most competitive price possible.  We're very proud of this system because of its objectivity. 
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